[Entry logged 31 Minutes Ago]
Reena’s Journal

A lot happened in the last 24 hours, but not much to help solve this case—in fact, I have more questions now than when I first arrived at Sumter!

Yesterday’s classes were long, but mostly uneventful. In the afternoon, Emaly pointed out some of the more “troublesome” girls at the academy—Mora, Siyo, and Zoe—who I ended up meeting before finishing my lunch. Yikes! Fortunately, I think they bought my cover story. On the other hand, being the new girl brought some unwelcome attention. Mora and Siyo ended up stealing my school uniform, which got me into hot water with the headmistress, Ms. Thorne. After being scolded, I received a spare uniform (I haven’t tried it on yet, but it looks awfully small).

I discovered the janitor, Gaston, has a secret closet in his room with a bunch of girls’ jewelry. He says he didn’t steal any of it, but the whole thing was more than a little suspicious.

I also learned where the basement was (thanks to Emaly). Of course, there was a crazy thunderstorm last night—because why wouldn’t there be?—and at midnight I went down to the basement to investigate. According to that message on the NetPhone I found, 12am was supposedly the meeting time (for what, I still have no idea).

Well, big surprise, I didn’t find anything—but the undercover officer, who Madison was trying to get into Sumter, found me! Her name’s Irene Soren and she seems really nice. She said she was a criminal tech analyst. It’s going to be a huge relief having some help on this case.

Unfortunately, Ms. Thorne discovered us in the basement and was extremely angry—more so than usual. Irene attempted to smooth things over, but Thorne wasn’t having it. After that fiasco, I attempted to get back to my room, but ran into Siyo and was pulled into her dorm. Let’s just say, I can see why Emaly warned me to stay away from Mora and the other girls. Siyo ended up kissing me and forcing me to drink a bit of vodka. I didn’t think I swallowed all that much, but when I got back to my room my body felt like it was burning up! Either I have no tolerance for alcohol or there was something else going on with that vodka! Sweating, heavy breathing, heart racing, etc — none of it was good!

To make matters worse I found a note on my bed sheet that read “Curiosity kills” and was signed with the initials “M.T.” Just when I was starting to think that maybe those girls’ deaths were accidental and the phone text was just a prank…

Or is this somebody’s idea of a joke too? All I know for certain is that it’s another mystery. Seems like this school has no shortage of them…

Even after getting an insanely creepy note like that, I wasn’t able to give it much thought thanks to my body going out of control! I, uh…well, let’s just say I needed to use a pillow to calm things down. It was terrible, and once I finally got it sorted out—much to my absolute horror (and embarrassment!!!), Emaly woke up just as I finished! Of all the times!!

It was really—and I mean really—awkward…at least for me! Emaly acted like it was nothing and went back to bed. I was up for two hours straight, horrified that she caught me doing that!!!

Geez. Throughout this whole case, every step of the way, I keep wondering what Madison would do. Everything much better than I am, that’s for sure!

I just realized that today marks the start of my fourth week with the PCPD. I never would’ve imagined I’d already be in an undercover assignment like this.

All right, it’s 7am now. Time to start getting ready for class. Who knows what today will bring…sigh.


Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Salaiix.