The following is a rejected article proposal for The Crest, Sumter Academy’s student newspaper. [Originally submitted one year ago.]

Ms. Thorne,

For this week’s The Crest submission, I would like to write a piece entitled Bullying in School, which would look at the long-lasting trauma it can cause for students. If possible, it would be interesting to interview teachers and students at Sumter and hear their thoughts and/or stories. The article could even examine ways to prevent bullying.

–Emaly Neville

Ms. Neville,

I do not feel your article is a suitable fit for The Crest. There is no “bullying” at Sumter Academy and I believe usage of the term is both inappropriate and ill-fitting for this institution—even for an article in our student newspaper. Your educators and peers would most assuredly agree.

Your time would be more wisely spent researching Sumter’s many achievements, or writing about our respectable alumnae. I suggest finding another topic.

–Ms. Thorne

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Salaiix.