Netpedia Entry: Xelohypnol
Marketed and sold as a sleeping pill, Xelohypnol is currently illegal in over thirty countries. Recommended doses of Xelohypnol can cause extreme drowsiness, while higher amounts may result in automatism, dissociation, and/or blackouts.

After the drug wears off, users may experience anterograde amnesia and find it difficult to remember what happened while under its influence. Other adverse effects can include feelings of dizziness, sluggishness, lack of coordination, and nausea.

Distribution of Xelohypnol has been widely banned because of its use in date rapes. The pill can be dissolved in a drink without altering the color or taste, making it easy to administer to potential victims.

Since its ban, alternate variants of Xelohypnol have been sold on the black market, including pills that contain a mix of illegal substances—often with so-called pleasure drugs—like Euphoria, Rapture, and Aphrosia.

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