Reena’s Journal
October 31st November 1st

Aww, I wanted to write another entry in my journey before Halloween was over, but that didn’t happen. It’s two minutes after midnight, so Halloween is officially a wrap for this year 🙁 I really wanted to make it down to the Pallad City Halloween parade too, but with all the insanity tonight, it just didn’t work out. Oh, well…

On the bright side, we did arrest four men who kidnapped the mayor and planned to detonate a bomb in the city! Wow, who would have thought this place could be so crazy?! It’s nothing like Old Metro.

I don’t think my partner, Madison, warmed up to me any. She’s still pretty cold (they do call her the ‘Ice Queen of the PCPD’ for a reason, I suppose). But she’s really incredible. When we were trapped in the factory with the mayor, Madison apprehended three of the criminals, by herself! I was only able to subdue one of the perps, and just barely! I’m so grateful that I was paired up with her. I really do hope that we can become friends…

Yikes, I shouldn’t be awake and writing this now! It’s after midnight and I have to wake up way early tomorrow morning. I should get up at 6:30AM, but I’m going to cut it close and do 7AM. I’ll just have to move a bit quicker. Anyway, after all the excitement this evening, there was no chance I could’ve fallen asleep any earlier tonight (I wonder what time Madison goes to sleep?). Hm, don’t think I forgot anything…took a shower, brushed my teeth, unpacked a few more of the moving boxes…well, time to hit the sheets. Even 7AM comes around pretty fast!


Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Zen Jirakun. 
Art coloring by Tofiq Huseynov.

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