Reena’s Journal
November 1st

Well, aside from the morning insanity, it was kind of a slow day—especially compared to the last two! We had a ton of paperwork to fill out and reports to make (Madison made me do most of it—she said she hates filling out forms). We then went on patrol, but three of the five incidents we went to investigate were being handled by private contractors. Madison explained that many megacorps hire their own type of ‘police force’. I don’t really know how that works…but it sounds kind of weird. The other two incidents were involving disappearances of large machinery in the subway and a suspected act of arson.

Oh! I also had to go down to the armory and get a new gun. It’s a previous generation Halvok, which should be easier for me to fire. Kendal, the armorer, says that he’ll try to get me a Ventok-77, since it’s more “my size,” and the recoil isn’t as bad. But he said that, due to budget cuts, it could take another week or two before they get one in. I guess the Ventok-77 is standard issue in Silica City.


P.S. Note to self: don’t forget your duty belt, gun, and I.DAC tomorrow morning! Ugh, I still can’t believe I did that… :’(

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Zen Jirakun.