Taken from “Street Boosters” advertisement material:

ZanTrek is proud to present out latest generation Street Boosters. Offering advanced safety features, precision maneuverability, extended battery life, and higher speeds, the new Xtreme Class Street Boosters will lead the charge as the next evolution in personal transportation.

Ease of Use! Simply attach the Street Boosters to your shoes and you’re ready to go!

A Better Way to Travel! Avoid the hazards of bicycling, the headaches of public transit, and the financial burden of a car. Street Boosters are affordable and have undergone rigorous safety tests.

Unprecedented Safety! Miniaturized gyro stabilizers ensure that the wearer will remain in a balanced, upright position, even when reaching top speed.

Upgraded Power! Unlike earlier models, you can now travel for up to 2 hours on a single UltraCell battery charge.

Higher Speed! Xtreme Class Street Boosters can reach 25mph, while our advanced S-Class models, designed for extreme sports, can accomplish a top speed of 40mph. (Customizable designs and faster ‘turbo’ add-ons are possible, but not advised or covered under warranty, nor will ZanTrek be held liable for any bodily harm or property damage.)

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Zen Jirakun.