The following is an excerpt from Tech Exciter, the premier magazine for reviews and news of cutting-edge technology.

Talon Industries may be known for producing some of the best automobiles on the market, but they’ve recently turned their attention to an additional enterprise: electric scooters. This new venture may come as a surprise to longtime supporters of the Talon brand, considering the company’s penchant for manufacturing high quality cars with revolutionary automotive features, record-breaking speeds, and impressive aerodynamic designs.

For most, an electric scooter conjures up images of a safe and relatively slow vehicle—an image that Talon Industries seeks to dispel from potential buyers’ minds. Their first model, which abandons the ‘scooter’ name altogether, is the I-Volt GoRider. Embracing a sleek aesthetic, it’s clear that Talon plans to aim their initial offering at younger riders. Coupled with this, the GoRider can reach top speeds of 60mph, faster than most of the models now available from other competitors. Talon’s early promotional demonstrations have already revealed the GoRider’s unprecedented maneuverability, handling, and stability when compared to current electric scooters, making it one of the hottest presales of the year. Lastly, the GoRider is very energy efficient, with specs boasting that a recharge is needed only once every 200 miles. One of the most innovative features that Talon Industries has added is removing the need for consumers to wait around while their drained battery is recharged. Instead, the GoRider can be brought to one of the many charging kiosks located throughout most major cities and have their battery swapped for a brand new one.

So, what’s the downside to all this? The GoRider is easily the most expensive electric scooter on the market. For the price of a single GoRider, a consumer can purchase two of the NT-MotoScooters, designed by the Bravak Corporation. However, as we’ve seen before, with the Talon name behind a product, high prices do little to sway eager buyers.

Primed to revolutionize the electric scooter industry, few can deny that Talon Industries’ reputation will be further cemented as the go-to brand for vehicles worldwide. The I-Volt GoRider is sure to be a popular choice for those living in megacities and, with the first units now finding their way to consumers willing to shell out a significant sum of money, we should already be seeing a few on the streets.

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Zen Jirakun.