Pallad City Police Department
Police Dispatch Log 23383
Type: Distress Signal
Date/Time Received: November 2nd /// Time: 5:44 AM
Caller: Automated “SOS” distress signal sent direct to PCPD from Volkan Research Facility on Volkan Island
Receiver: Sera White (immediately redirected to Victor Hardiman)

Additional Notes: We received a distress signal from Volkan Island, but I was unable to establish communication with anyone in the Volkan Research Facility. I contacted the main office branch of Nex Coast, located in downtown Pallad City (Nex Coast is the legal owner of both the island and facility). They claim all communication with the island ceased nearly two days ago and that they have been unable to reestablish contact since. The Nex Coast representative I spoke with stated that they didn’t rush to involve the authorities, believing that this disruption was due to a power outage on the island. However, the representative confirmed that, while these outages were common, it’s unusual for one to last over 40 hours (currently at 43 hours). Immediate investigation required. Cause of distress signal is presently unknown.
— Sera White, Dispatch

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Salaiix.

I believe this week marks our very first “splash” page we’ve had for Danger Zone One. But there’s another ‘first’ this week–the first episode of the Danger Zone One audio drama, which is now online for everyone to listen to! You can check out the premiere episode, “All Fired Up! The Hottest Case Yet!” right here: