Dr. Kalei’s Personal Notes
Date: October 24th

After thirty-six trials, I believe Dr. Hastings has finally succeeded with Subject 37. This was to be our final test. One more failure and we were to abandon the project and move on to other endeavors. It was a decision Dr. Hastings was very much opposed to—which is understandable, considering how long she has worked towards the success of this project. But none of that matters any longer. The test was a remarkable triumph! Unlike its failed predecessors, Subject 37 seems to be adapting to the genetic modifications. Of special note is that the subject appears to exhibit an impressive degree of intelligence. We still have to run numerous experiments, of course. But, if all goes accordingly, we may have stumbled upon the solution we’ve been looking for. With all this new data, we could finally be within reach of saving every marine life form on the planet from the countless perils mankind has inflicted upon our environment. Dr. Hastings should be proud. Her name will go down in the history books.

–Dr. Kalei

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Salaiix.