Dr. Kalei’s Personal Notes
Date: October 31st

I fear something has gone terribly wrong. I hear an alarm. Could it be a containment breach? That would be impossible. All the previous subjects have been disposed of. The ones not incinerated were also deceased—taken off their life support. Only Subject 37 is left. It couldn’t possibly have…

No. Nothing, not even Subject 37 could penetrate the reinforced holding chamber.

I’m currently trapped in the East Wing of the facility due to an apparent lockdown. I believe the central computer, Volkan One, has activated its emergency protocol.

This is the first time I’m hearing the alarms since my six years of being on this island. A situation like this has never happened before. The alarms sound…strange. That wailing, blaring noise—at times I could swear it almost sounds like human screams.

Unless—those are screams? I think I will stay in the East Wing for now. The air duct system is readily accessible in case I need to move freely about the facility. I should be able to fit.

Nonsense! Why am I panicking? This may all just be a simple error, or glitch, in Volkan One’s operating system. The alarm could have been initiated by accident. I should find the others.

Or maybe I should stay here, in my office. The air duct is just across the room, after all. I can always exit through there if the door gives way. I just need to pry that grate off and crawl in.

Maybe we’ve gone too far…

Maybe even science has its limits—thresholds which should never be crossed.

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Salaiix.