Dr. Aktin’s Personal Notes
Entry 40-233

One of the more unexpected results that we’ve discovered in Subject 37 is a visible steam-like discharge that sporadically emits from its mouth. I believe this happens when the creature feels threatened. In Subject 37’s abdomen we’ve located two small chambers, one holding hydrogen peroxide and another containing a hydroquinone enzyme. One of the only examples in nature I can liken this to is the bombardier beetle, which possesses similar compounds in its stomach. When endangered, the beetle empties the two chambers into a connected ‘combustion chamber’ to produce toxic benzoquinone. Fortunately, early tests have revealed that no harmful toxic traces have been found in Subject 37, but it does appear that the hydrogen peroxide decomposes in its stomach, oxidizing the hydroquinones into p-quinones. The result is a release of oxygen, generating enough heat to produce an oral “steam” discharge. Further testing will be required before I can be certain if this is, in fact, what we are seeing.

–Dr. Aktin

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Salaiix.