Attn: All PCPD Officers and Personnel

A reminder to all officers who still have yet to pick up their refitted I.DACs—maintenance on all Intel & Data Aid Communicators has been completed. Please see your updated user manual for the latest upgrades. Also, of note, the manufacturer has ensured me that the latest I.DAC models are now waterproof.

On the subject, please keep in mind that all Ventok firearms have not yet been made water-resistant. A few officers had inquired about when the models would be refitted but, due to recent budgetary concerns, it may be a few months before we can process them. This does not apply to Halvok firearms, which are shipped water-resistant with an anti-corrosive sealant, direct from the manufacturer.

If anyone discovers an issue with their I.DAC, please let me know immediately.

Brenton Kendal
Armory Division

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Salaiix.