[Audio Datalog]
[Date: 10/31]

DAEDIN ALACORE: Zedonia, find a reliable contractor to attend with this Volkan Island situation.

ZEDONIA MORAY: As you wish, sir. Regarding the contract, and the sensitive nature of events occurring on that island, shall I keep details to a minimum?

DAEDIN ALACORE: Yes, that would be wise. Inform the contractor that Hastings was responsible for over a dozen deaths on the island, no one else is believed to be alive, and that we want her and one non-human target sanctioned.

ZEDONIA MORAY: About the non-human target…

DAEDIN ALACORE: They’ll know it when they see it.

ZEDONIA MORAY: Very good, sir. I’ll see to this at once.

DAEDIN ALACORE: Oh, and one more thing. Make sure that the contract can be carried out on November 2nd.

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Salaiix.