To: DAlacore@AlacoreIndustries.xop
From: EHiggens@XTech.xop


Any progress on those ‘genetically enhanced’ combatants you proposed to me last month? My company recently ended a ten year partnership with Horizon Global Solutions due to the inefficiency of their VX power suit models, leaving us with one less supplier. I was hoping XTech could rely on Alacore Industries to fill that void. Your non-human soldier proposal has me interested. Androids, cyborgs, and augmented human soldiers have too many limitations on the battlefield, but a genetically modified non-human fighter is intriguing, if such a thing could actually be controlled. I don’t doubt what can be manufactured in a lab today, be it artificial or biological, but I have my reservations when it comes to applying them to our very specific needs. If this new advancement is indeed what you claim it to be, we have much to discuss.

Evon Higgens
XTech Solutions


To: EHiggens@XTech.xop
From: DAlacore@AlacoreIndustries.xop


We’ve made substantial progress within the last month. We’re about to have a new team of scientists take over the project, solely to analyze how our most recent findings can best be incorporated into combat scenarios. Let’s meet up next week and discuss this in more detail. I know you’re eager to see XTech climb to the forefront of next gen battlefield innovations and, I assure you, what we have will be a game changer.

Daedin Alacore
Alacore Industries

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