To: DAlacore@AlacoreIndustries.xop
From: BHastings@NexCoast.xop

It’s been over two weeks since my last message. I can now say, without doubt, that Subject 37 is everything we hoped he would be. With this success, I believe we are ready for the next step. Nex Coast and those here on the Volkan Island research base will now only be a hindrance to us. Will next week be a satisfactory time frame to begin our relocation to Asrai Base where the hybrid reproduction testing can begin?

Also, have you found sufficient human specimens for the mating process?

–Beverly Hastings


To: BHastings@NexCoast.xop
From: DAlacore@AlacoreIndustries.xop

Dr. Hastings,

Very pleased to hear that all is going well. I was starting to have some misgivings about our partnership, but it appears I was wrong. If the test subject has already passed your evaluations, then I see no reason why we can’t already begin the process of severing ties with your employer. Tomorrow is October 31st—perhaps that would be a fitting date to initiate your resignation. Once all obstacles have been cleared, you will contact me again—on November 2nd—and digitally send the files containing your formula and research notes. After that, I will send an air transport to pick you up, along with your test subject. As agreed, you will then be relocated to Asrai Base where a lab, outfitted to your specifications, awaits.

You have done well, Dr. Hastings. But this is the most critical time in the entire operation. We can’t afford errors now. I will wait for you to make contact again, once your task has been carried out.

–Daedin Alacore

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