Dr. Hastings’ Personal Notes
Entry 101-134

Subject 36 was a failure, just like the rest, and has been terminated. However, early results indicate that Subject 37 may finally be the success I’ve been striving all these years for. It’s too early to say quite yet, but this one shows more promise than the last dozen subjects.

If all proves satisfactory, I will have to contact Daedin Alacore again—but only once I am certain that Subject 37 is suitable. Based on Alacore’s last message, I fear that he is getting impatient with my progress, but I refuse to rush any of these experiments just to appease him. He’ll have to wait, as I have waited these past five years, conducting one test after another, burying myself in research and untold hours of experimentation, struggling to get closer to my ultimate goal. But I truly believe I stand at the threshold now, just within reach of it…

But, even if Subject 37 proves viable, my work is just beginning. The hybrid reproduction phase is the true end goal. We will have to begin breeding tests which, in turn, will require human subjects—ones who are fit and healthy. Neither Dr. Kalei or Nex Coast will consent to experiments of that magnitude, I already know that. They will fall back on their outdated claims of ‘ethics’ and ‘principles’ which is the sole reason for their continued failures. Fortunately, Alacore has much broader vision, along with the resources to ensure my work can continue well into hybrid experimentation and beyond. Alacore shares my dreams—dreams which will soon become reality.

–Dr. Beverly Hastings

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Salaiix.

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