Nessa Loeb /// Private Notes
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This is getting out of control. Does anyone else on this island not see what’s going on here? I joined Nex Coast because I believed in making a difference in the world. That was the only reason I came to Volkan Island. But now that Dr. Hastings’ turned this facility into her own private sideshow, I want no part of it. I should have stayed in Nu Metropol, or moved to Silica City (I heard the Vintor Museum was hiring…).

Subject 37 must be terminated. The creature is uncontrollable and its existence offers no benefit to the work we’re trying to conduct here. RM-72 was the lone android we had here on the island and, last week, Subject 37 nearly escaped, grabbed the android and tore it in two, no different from the way a child snaps a twig. I never knew androids had so much of that white blood in them. And guess who had to clean it up? Yeah, the perks of being a lab assistant.

I need to get off this island. And soon. I have a bad feeling about what can, and likely will, happen here. “Save all marine life” was Nex Coast’s goal. I believed that was possible…once. Now I see it was a naïve fantasy. Dr. Hastings has simply just unleashed one more horror upon the world.

–Nessa Loeb

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Salaiix.