I.DAC (Intel & Data Aid Communicator)
User Manual / Section 3.45

Failsafe Protocol
Activating an I.DAC’s failsafe protocol should only be considered as a last resort and for very select purposes. Initiating the protocol will result in a ten second countdown, followed by the device’s self-destruction by an internally-controlled explosion.

Valid instances in which the failsafe protocol should be initiated:

A. In the event an officer believes their I.DAC will be taken by a perpetrator, they may decide to initiate the failsafe protocol, ensuring that a perpetrator can not gain access to the Pallad City Police Department’s GeoCore database, or infiltrate the Command Division’s records.

B. If no other options are available, to breach a surface for immediate forced entry and/or to utilize a controlled explosion to escape a fortified area.

Please remember, activating the failsafe protocol will result in total destruction of the I.DAC and, depending on proximity to the user, can result in severe bodily harm.

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Salaiix.