Ultra High-Frequency Blades

Ultra high-frequency blades (also known as ultrasonic blades) are classified as S-Class vibroweapons. Most common examples are knives or swords, which contain a miniature generator in the weapon’s handle, capable of producing micro-oscillations within the blade. These oscillations occur thousands of times per second and are often imperceptible to the human eye. Some high-end variations will exhibit a faint glow on the blade if the power output is set at maximum charge. The rapid vibration of the blade increases cutting power, with remarkable results reported in trial testing of the newer 780R models and up. Earlier models were reported to possess unreliable energy sources, resulting in the units prematurely powering down. This has since been corrected over the last few years. A study conducted at Birtok University found an ultrasonic blade (model: UF Blade 890) able to withstand, and deflect, a bullet (caliber: .475 enhanced armor-piercing round).

Most vibroweapons emit a noticeable humming noise, but recent technological advancements in the field have given rise to silent variations. At present, this ‘stealth mode’ is only possible when the unit is utilizing a low-energy setting, which results in decreased cutting strength.

Possession of virboweaponry is illegal, barring some exceptions such as military and, in select cases, law enforcement. As of last year, private military contractors are allowed to purchase vibroweapons if they possess a permit (refer to article H3.S1).

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Salaiix.