Dr. Hastings’ Personal Notes
Entry 135-230

All has gone according to plan. I freed Subject 37 from containment two days ago and, just as expected, it sought out my colleagues and the remaining on-site personnel with remarkable efficiency. Dr. Kalei was the last survivor—certainly not due to his sense of fortitude and survival instincts, but rather because he remained holed up in his office.

Since he was unaware that I had orchestrated Subject 37’s “escape” I was able to coax him out of his hiding with the promise that we might leave the island via the helicopter. He didn’t know that I had already sabotaged our only available transport, ensuring no one would escape. Dr. Kalei was adamant that we activate the distress signal, so I played along for a little while. Before I was able to stop him, Kalei initiated one of the terminals in the D4 Corridor and began to send the signal. I picked up a nearby pipe and proceeded to strike him over the head. Much to my surprise, Kalei put up more of a fight than expected. Nevertheless, I was able to overpower the fool after a few minutes of struggle. Now I am the only one left, aside from Subject 37. It seems the distress signal went through, though in Kalei’s rush to send it, he didn’t provide any details concerning what had transpired on the island. I don’t expect the PCPD will come to investigate and, if they do, the few officers they send will make no difference.

Now I wait until the designated time before making contact with my generous benefactor—the only one who ever truly believed in my work.

–Dr. Beverly Hastings

[Supplemental Log]
According to the Volkan One central computer, two intruders have arrived on the island. I have rerouted power to the surveillance system and it appears our visitors are armed. The PCPD did respond to Kalei’s distress signal after all. No matter, I’ve sent out the last functional drone to intercept them.

[Supplemental Log]
The drone has been destroyed. Upon further consideration, the presence of these officers may be used to my advantage.

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Salaiix.

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