[NetMail Log /// Sent 19 Weeks Ago]

To: HKalei@NexCoast.xop
From: YPovy@NexCoast.xop
Subject: Employee Concern

Dr. Kalei,

I wish to express my deep and troubling concern regarding Dr. Hastings. Not to mince words, but I truly feel she is the wrong person for a position with NexCoast, and has been a hindrance to the work we’re conducting here on Volkan Island. Though it appears she has endless devotion to her profession, that same “devotion” has made this workplace  toxic for all involved. Personally, I have had my fill of her bitter attitude towards—how shall I put this—the entire human race. As ridiculous as that sounds, Dr. Hastings appears to have a true hatred towards humanity—not to mention everyone in this facility. Is this really the kind of person NexCoast wants to be employing? It’s impossible to hope for any significant breakthroughs when one individual has left the entire staff at odds. We all feel as though we’re walking on eggshells with Hastings in the hopes to not set her off and incur her wrath. Again, ridiculous, I know. But it’s a very real struggle working with someone who has such a blatantly narcissistic—downright nihilistic—view of the world.

Yalem Povy


To: YPovy@NexCoast.xop
From: HKalei@NexCoast.xop
Subject: Re: Employee Concern

Dr. Povy,

Thank you for notifying me of your concerns. I will take them under consideration. However, I must stress that Dr. Hastings—though a bit eccentric—is one of the most brilliant young minds in our field. I understand that working with her may be difficult at times, but I stress the importance of adopting a broader mindset in this matter and allowing her some breathing room. You mention that there’s no chance for significant breakthroughs—however, it has been under Dr. Hastings guidance that your team has made more progress in three months than our previous teams had achieved in three years. I don’t doubt that working beside someone with Dr. Hastings’ genius may be challenging, but the rewards far outweigh any reservations I have.

Best regards,
Hevick Kalei

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