To Whom It May Concern / Nex Coast:

Regarding last week’s on-site evaluation of your Volkan Island facility, we discovered extreme structural deficiency throughout the premises. Among our findings, we had uncovered corroded piping, damaged air ducts and ventilation systems, and considerable deterioration to the exterior foundation of the building. In our opinion, facility upkeep appears to have been neglected for years. Please note, we were not allowed access to interior areas where your labs were located or any place where, as Dr. Kalei put it, “sensitive tests were being conducted.”

We have attached an updated cost estimate and expected timetable for when we can begin maintenance on your property.

Pentor Maintenance looks forward to working with Nex Coast.

Faye Ceres
Owner, Pentor Maintenance

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Salaiix.