Journal Entry

Another busy day trying to reprogram the data terminals in the A5 and B7 corridors. It’s only me and six other technicians in the entire facility, which doesn’t leave any of us with much free time (not like there’s a whole lot of “fun” stuff to do on the island, anyway). I figured I’d start my own journal and keep track of how each day goes, more for my own sanity than anything else. I don’t get along well with the other technicians, sadly—and forget about the scientists here, they regard us as grunt maintenance workers and go out of their way to steer clear. Guess that snobby attitude comes included with every PhD, huh?

I’ve been hearing rumors from the other technicians about some of the experiments going on here. We’re mostly kept in the dark when it comes to what these scientists are really working on. But stories are flying. I’m not entirely sure if the other technicians are just screwing with me—but if they are, they deserve acting awards. It sounds like some pretty gruesome stuff is occurring, and on a daily basis. A tech working the late shift claims he heard two scientists talking about incinerating some creature. A freaking creature!? Who knows if any of this is true, but I’m royally up the creek if things go south around here…

The only way off this island is by helicopter—and we only have one. For all the money these scientists are probably raking in, you’d think they could afford some boats. Nope. And forget swimming away, there aren’t any other islands even remotely close.

The only comfort I can take from any of this is that the island has a pretty impressive security system, complete with armed security drones. Three of them are usually patrolling the island at any given moment, and there’s another nine housed in a storage room in the F2 corridor. I know some of the stored ones have broken down and are being used for parts, but a new shipment of the latest model will be here in another month or two.

All right, it’s time for some well deserved shut eye. Not sure if I’ll stick with this journal thing. All the scientists here keep ones, don’t they? Yeah, and for all the notes they keep, I’d be shocked if there’s a single journal on this island that contains anything that’ll help save their precious marine life. Not likely—but they look down on me, the guy who manages to actually fix something every day, without fail!

–Karlen Stokes

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Salaiix.