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Topic: Fantasy Funland

114 :HanuFan879: 11/02 (13:02:11) ID: 5ke90en0
I’ve probably been to a dozen or so theme parks around the world, all muuuch larger than Fantasy Funland, but I still have the most fun there. Maybe because it’s not so big and overwhelming. The kids love it too. It’s not cheap, but significantly more affordable than Realms of Adventure or Wild Wild World.

115 :ParkMaster02: 11/02 (13:59:01) ID: 2iJ48sr2
Don’t even mention Wild Wild World. Complete waste of money. Got food poisoning there and spent the next day puking my brains out.

116 :ZiimWiiz: 11/02 (15:02:12) ID: 9iB90dr1
Never been to Fantasy Funland. Not a fan of visiting Pallad City and I’ve always heard the park’s too small and doesn’t have enough to offer. That said, kinda interested in checking it out now that they’ve got all those Hanu rides, exclusive merch, tie-ins…

117 :PettyYeti: 11/02 (15:03:02) ID: 3yB65rd8
@ZiimWiiz, the “exclusive” Hanu merchandise pisses me off to no end. My kid wanted one of those talking Hanu dolls and it’s ridiculous that the only way to get one is to go to some stupid overpriced park to buy it!

118 :ParkMaster02: 11/02 (15:05:16) ID: 2iJ48sr2
@PettyYet, you’re telling me you can’t just buy one on NetBuy?

119 :PettyYeti: 11/02 (15:06:56) ID: 3yB65rd8
@ParkMaster02, yeah—if I want to pay through the nose for one from some lowlife toy scalper.

120 :ZiimWiiz: 11/02 (15:08:20) ID: 9iB90dr1
Is it true that Fantasy Funland is bleeding cash? I know the big Hanu licensing thing was supposed to “up” their image, but will it be enough? Might be a good idea to hit up the park, buy a shit ton of Hanu dolls and then hold onto them for later resale. If the park goes under, that stuff’s going to be worth a FORTUNE!

121 :PettyYeti: 11/02 (15:12:01) ID: 3yB65rd8
@ZiimWiiz, Filthy scalper. You’re everything wrong with the world today.

122 :ZiimWiiz: 11/02 (16:44:01) ID: 9iB90dr1
@PettyYeti, welcome to planet earth.

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