Tomorrow’s Scariest Innovations, Today! – For Immediate Release

For decades, Arday Animatronics has offered the greatest in studio-quality innovations while working with top theme parks around the world. This year we’re expanding our “Haunt Factory” line for professional attractions to ensure that your business will make a killing—whether you’re a new establishment just getting into the ‘haunt’ business or a globally-renowned amusement park.

This year’s product lineup includes some of the most frightening props, expansive sets, electronic accessories, and animatronic figures to ever be featured in our catalogue.

Among our latest animatronics is Tattie Boggle, a ghastly scarecrow with full-range motion, forty pre-set movement patterns, limited-recognition AI, and 3D Sensa-Sound audio amplification— employing our patented infrasonic sound design—guaranteed to both impress and frighten your patrons.

In addition we have two new oversized electronic props—Raoul the Ghoul and Sutoko the Samuari—both using the latest in Arday Animatronics technology.

We also offer surveillance upgrades that allow hidden cameras to be installed in all of our high-end animatronics. We guarantee that our cameras will be undetectable to park goers—typically installed in the eyes of our animatronic figures—a great add-on for security purposes and to safely maintain your investments.

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Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Salaiix.