Crime Scene Investigation Report #7723-D
Investigator: Madison Wynter

[Supplemental Notes]

I ran background checks on the three missing girls. Based on recent employment, university enrollment, personal/family obligations, etc…it’s highly unlikely that voluntary disappearance was a factor. Considering that each were last observed at Fantasy Funland, abduction is probable.

Ori Simkin (19) – Employed at Imaginarium, a studio specializing in fashion/modeling photography. Simkin is also currently enrolled in Silica University. She was visiting Pallad City with friends.

Aina Elmarit (18) – Employed at Varcee’s, a restaurant located in uptown Pallad City. Elmarit lives with her grandmother, who she cares for. Visited Fantasy Funland with two friends, who reported her missing.

Dorothy Rohan (20) – Full-time student at Old Metro Medical. Training to be a nurse. Visited Fantasy Funland with friends and younger sister.

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Salaiix.