Audio Datalog [Recorded 5 Minutes Ago]
[Pallad City Police Department]

CHERIE ALGRAVE: Chief, have you heard from Madison?

VICTOR HARDIMAN: Officer Wynter? No. Why? She’s off-duty today.

CA: Oh, is that right? Huh. Well, she’s over at Fantasy Funland, looking into those missing girls—

VH: I gave her a direct order—she was supposed to be off-duty for forty-eight hours!

CA: Oopsie—heh, guess you weren’t supposed to know…

VH: The cat’s out of the bag now. What did she find?

CA: Traces of Kolothane-1 in the park. And I looked into the park’s owner, Dalton Trayer, who has been up to some shady business—but nothing concrete enough to move on. I tried contacting Madison several times since her last call, but she’s not responding on her I.DAC.

VH: It’s like Volkan Island all over! I’ll send a few officers to the park. In the meantime, see if you can track her I.DAC’s signal and keep trying to reach her. If you can’t pinpoint her location, or contact her, let me know immediately.

CA: Will do, chief!

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Salaiix.