The following excerpt was taken from a recent article posted on the NetZine, Whip World.

Within the last few years we’ve seen a major rise in customized whips—though many of these are, admittedly, rather impractical. The most well-known of these custom designs is the SlaveRider Electro Whip, manufactured by Ultima Domina—a reputable company that’s been in the BDSM business for over two decades. The original SlaveRider model was designed solely for electrostimulation—however, some consumers have taken it upon themselves to completely remodel the whip—this includes replacing the lash with a heavier duty metal and upping the electrical output to near lethal levels. This resulted in Ultima Domina issuing a recall on the model [#SP2934], and releasing a new version that (they claim) can not be customized.

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Salaiix.