Ultima Domina
Pleasure Made Perfect

Catalogue Item: SlaveRider Electro Whip [#SP2934]

The latest item in our Ultima Domina catalogue is sure to charge up your wildest fantasies! Designed for those with more adventurous—and delightfully sadistic—tastes, the SlaveRider electro whip is the perfect answer. The lash section is made of faux-vaslum coils, allowing for rough (but harmless) role-play, making the SlaveRider a great addition to ones arsenal of pleasure tools. Whip your submissives into obedient servitude, or add a little spark to your fun by activating the SlaveRider’s electrostimulation feature, for a whole new dimension of erotic escapades!

[Please note, it has been brought to our attention that a very small number of consumers have “customized” this item, replacing the lash with nynos-carbon alloy and have redesigned the power source to output a dangerous level of voltage. We here at Ultima Domina do not advise any individual to tamper with the SlaveRider in this manner. We vehemently condemn such action which may result in injury—or death—and will not be held responsible for tampered products that lead to bodily harm.]

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Salaiix.