[Note: the following is an excerpt taken from Madison Wynter’s psychological evaluation—conducted a year ago by psychologist Welton Nimis. This evaluation was requested by Internal Affairs.]

Pallad City Police Department
Psychological Evaluation

Subject: Madison Wynter

Emotionally distant, quick-tempered, and exhibiting constant disregard for her own safety or well-being, Ms. Wynter is a loose cannon in every sense of the term. While I believe her police work speaks for itself—she is an exceptionally dedicated officer with an impressive track record—I do have numerous concerns.

It’s not easy getting Ms. Wynter to speak about herself, or speak at all for that matter (though she did very vocally protest this evaluation). Details about her childhood are lacking, but it’s evident that she had a difficult upbringing in the Kurtow Ruins. This may have served as the initial catalyst which led to her apparent distrust of others and acute social disconnection. Wynter had previously been employed by a private military company—though she refused to discuss much of what transpired during her time with them. I gather the experience only intensified her already bleak outlook of the world.

I would like to conduct a more thorough evaluation but, with department budget cuts, I doubt that will be feasible.

Please see attached document for a breakdown of assessed personality traits.

–Welton Nimis, PhD
Clinical Psychologist

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