ArmaCore Industries
Reach for peace, arm for war

GA-9 StrongArm

The pinnacle of cybernetic combat prosthetics, our GA-9 StrongArm provides on-the-spot firepower, housed within a military-grade artificial limb. Designed and tested for battlefield use, the versatile GA-9 fires 9x19mm Lintak rounds and features selective fire (semi-automatic, burst mode, and full-auto). Alternate upgrades allow for X53 missile launcher and LiteNite flamethrower attachments.

When not in ‘Combat Mode’ the GA-9 utilizes micro-force sensors, tru-haptic enhancers, and direct neural-link technology—allowing the user to experience natural sensations of touch, pressure, and precise motor-function performance. Over 17,000 GearSense modules are incorporated within the prosthesis, allowing for unprecedented grip control and augmented strength.

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Tanabata Usagi.