[Archived NetMail / Dr. Hastings’ Personal Files]
[Dated: Eleven Years Ago]


I’ve looked over the first draft of your thesis last weekend. Your dissertation is very interesting, though I feel a great deal of it is based entirely on your personal—and very passionate—beliefs on the subject. Though I wish all of my students shared your passion, I suggest settling on a more scientific approach, backed with research and verified data, to prove the point you’re arguing. I believe this would be invaluable in streamlining your paper and validating your argument that humanity is both the greatest threat to marine life and the planet, as a whole. Respectable effort on the early draft, there is no shortage of potential here. Once revised it could be very persuasive. (A thesis like this, coupled with your talents, might very well earn you a position with Nex Coast in a few years.) I do think some of the genetic manipulation points you make could be omitted. They delve a bit to far into what some may consider outside ethical practices.

Markin Resco
Marine Biology Department
Silica University

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