[Dated One Month Ago]
Blackridge Institute
File Name: Shaya Padlum
Case Entry: #NE104

Ms. Padlum is a peculiar case. On the slightest whim, she’ll experience extreme psychological shifts from absolute rationality to wild, erratic behavior, often culminating with physical outbursts that require immediate restraint. On many occasions I have witnessed her calm and of sound mind, complete with articulate speech and a rather charming disposition—only for her to become hostile or destructively irrational without warning or apparent cause.

Under my observation, I have found Ms. Padlum to be an extremely manipulative individual—though expertly persuasive may be a more fitting definition. On two separate occasions, she has somehow convinced staff assistants to allow her access to the staff kitchen, where she has stolen knives. She appears to have a fondness for sharp objects—something that we don’t want to encourage.

Though, at this time, I can make no accurate diagnosis regarding Ms. Padlum, I suspect—based on our sessions—frequent overdoses of the drugs known as Sydust and Euphoria have led to her current condition.

Unfortunately, with Blackridge currently filled to capacity, it’s very likely Ms. Padlum will be prematurely discharged from my care and allowed to leave the institute. I have expressed my wishes to keep her here until I feel that she is no longer a potential risk to herself and/or others.

—Dr. Sena

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Tanabata Usagi.