[Dated Two Weeks Ago]
Blackridge Institute
File Name: Shaya Padlum
Case Entry: #NE127

Efforts to keep Ms. Padlum in my care have been in vain. She is being discharged tomorrow and there is little I can do to convince the administration otherwise. I have spoken with Ms. Padlum and she claims that she will be taking up residence in the Ardus District of Pallad City, where she has a few friends that will help look after her. I wish her the best but, sadly, feel that Blackridge has failed to help this individual in any significant way—a sentiment that is becoming all too common as of late.

Regarding Ms. Padlum’s previous drug-related habits, I can only hope she is able avoid the addictive lure of Sydust and Euphoria—or worse, Afterlife.

—Dr. Sena

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Tanabata Usagi.