[The following is an excerpt taken from Tashida Kom’s guide, Self-Defense Tactics 101.]

Ears and Eyes—An Attacker’s Weakness

While your attacker may be able to overpower you when it comes to raw physical strength, a difference in size and muscle doesn’t mean that you have to be the victim.

If the assailant is directly in front of you, an ear clap can be an effective means of defense. The human ear is a universal vulnerability—you can’t close it, and it’s almost always unprotected. Cup both hands slightly and quickly slap your hands together against their ears. This will leave your attacker disoriented, allowing you the chance to escape.

If the assailant is not immobilized and continues to attack, you can follow up with an eye gouge. Immediately after performing the ear clap, position your thumbs and thrust them into the attacker’s eyes.

Please be aware that both of these self-defense moves are dangerous and may cause permanent injury to your assailant. An effective ear clap can result in the rupturing of the tympanic membrane (ear drums) and may cause ossicular chain dislocation. Similarly, an eye gouge—depending on severity of force—can result in temporary blindness and/or eye loss.

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Salaiix.