Karin Ivers, Pallad City Post
[Archived Article: Published 5 Days Ago]

A year ago Pallad City faced an unprecedented drug crisis with the rise of Euphoria and Sydust. Since then the situation has grown increasingly dire. Afterlife, the latest in an expanding lineup of drugs to make headlines, has already claimed nearly 700 lives within the last two months. Analysts believe a spike in violent crimes may be directly related to the recent emergence of the drug.

Community leaders have called on the Pallad City Police Department to combat and contain the distribution of Afterlife as quickly as possible but, so far, little has been done to turn the tide. According to a Pallad City Post poll, 87% of readers stated that they would approve the formation of a special task force devoted to solely handling Afterlife-related crime.

The PCPD already has a drug enforcement division but, citing budget cuts, claim that their officers and resources are being stretched too thin as it is. In last week’s press conference, Mayor Hynden Neville insisted that plans are underway to deal with the drug crisis. Whether this means more funds for the PCPD or a rumored privatized police force, remains unknown. Neville has already hired private contractor Vivid Defense, which currently has Tactical Armored Units deployed in the city. These Armored Units have not yet been utilized for any incidents involving Afterlife, but will only respond to emergencies “beyond what the Pallad City Police Department can handle.” At the moment, Afterlife seems to fit that criteria.

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Salaiix.