[Archived Broadcast – 4 Days Ago]
Morning Madness with Brice Yates – NetRadio Program

BRICE YATES: Hot story making waves today. Word has it that Mayor Neville may not be the clean cut guy we all thought he was. I’m shook, no lie. Betrayed by a public official? Say it ain’t so!

HOLIS DURAN: A crooked politician—in Pallad City? I don’t believe it! [Laughter]

YATES: [Laughter] It’s a story straight from the Pallad City Star.

DURAN: Ah, our most revered tabloid! Always the sterling merchants of truth. Just last week they claimed mutant sharks were swimming around Volkan Island. Who’d question that?

YATES: Well, get this, the Star reports that Neville had his old Skyline factory burned to the ground last year. A little arson on the campaign trail never hurt anyone, right? Though in this case, it apparently did. Oops.

DURAN: Hold it—I smell something burning right now! It’s Neville’s lawyers firing up a libel suit. Hasn’t the Pallad City Star had their share of defamation cases in the past?

YATES: To Neville’s credit, the Star’s hit piece isn’t one of their most convincing. Their primary source is anonymous—

DURAN: Of course.

YATES: —though they’ve published leaked transactions which, if authentic, look suspicious, I guess. I’m no expert. I’m not saying Neville’s guilty, I’m just citing the article. Don’t shoot the messenger. Blame the Star.

DURAN: [Laughter] That’s right, Yates, better backtrack—Neville might be listening.

YATES: Dammit, I need this gig! [Laughter] Unlike the Mayor, I can’t burn the place down and collect any insurance money!

DURAN: [Laughter] We’re sorry Mayor Neville. It’s all in good fun. Please don’t torch the radio station.

YATES: Or if you do, wait until Live with Rel Hagen is on air—it’ll help our ratings. All right, we have to take a quick break. Don’t go anywhere, we’ve got more Morning Madness for you on X88.2, right after this.

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Salaiix.