Davin Tavos, Palladian Star
[Archived Article Excerpt: Published 4 Days Ago]

It’s been a good year for Mayor Neville. If a successful reelection campaign weren’t enough, he survived abduction by a group of fanatics who intended to detonate an explosive in downtown Pallad City. Yes, sometimes it’s good to be mayor—especially when you’ve convinced the general public that you’re a clean cut, incorruptible politician. Even Neville’s highly touted Renew Initiative is looked upon favorably by many notoriously-jaded Palladians, instilling a sense of hope in a city that’s been shortchanged on that front for much too long. But is it just false hope? After all, how much stock can the public put in a mayor who might be just as underhanded as the criminals who infest our city?

After Neville’s encounter on Halloween with a quartet of costumed psychopaths, the Mayor’s approval ratings soared, even earning praise from disenfranchised voters who hadn’t previously held him in high regard. Prior to his All Hallows’ Eve jaunt, the Mayor’s popularity had plummeted following accusations of misplaced municipal funds. However, Palladians have a short-term memory, and Neville’s escape from the clutches of manic madmen has seemingly restored some public faith in the mayoral office.

Missing municipal funds aside, it’s the location of Mayor Neville’s attempted abduction—the burnt out husk of his former Skyline Industries factory in the Ribbon District—which may also be the site of illicit activities perpetuated by the esteemed official himself. Over a year ago Neville’s West Factory was victim to a catastrophic fire which left the building in ruins. Since then, the mayor has slowly been renovating the factory, but many questions—and suspicions—remain. An initial investigation suggested that the fire had been accidental, with rumors of arson emerging later. Now, new evidence—exclusively obtained by the Palladian Star—points to an arson plot orchestrated by Mayor Neville himself, in a bid to collect the insurance money for reelection campaign funds.

(Continued in Section 4B)

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Salaiix.