[Mission Briefing—Archived]

SUBJECT: Operation Sandstorm

To: Satori Riven (Commanding Officer)
Madison Wynter (Assistant Commanding Officer)

Make sure to study the holomaps of Rahjeen—the city is now under enemy control, with Sector 92-RT being your primary objective. The Karzostanis and Zards have exchanged heavy artillery fire within the area over the last 24 hours. The Karzostani military has since pulled out of the city, and now they’re paying us the big bucks to take over.

Your main objective is to locate the remaining high-value targets. This mission will be composed of a two-person fireteam—further ground support will be impossible due to Zard control of the highways and border region. The rest of Chimera Squad will remotely monitor the situation and we have operatives prepared to meet you at the extraction point.

You both know how unreliable second-hand intel can be—but we believe Voodoo Arms is the PMC currently occupying Rahjeen. If true, count yourselves fortunate. Voodoo Arms typically supplies their contractors with last-gen tech and weaponry. Also, we’re getting meteorological reports that the temperature in eastern Karzostan will be upwards of 94 F. Take that into account.

Most importantly, make sure you two are out of the vicinity before our air strike.

Janik Nikels
Operations Supervisor

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Salaiix.