[Note: File Archived 4 Years Ago]

Death Widow, Inc
Active Personnel File

Name: Satori Riven
Employee Number: 0372
Rank: Commanding Officer (CO)
Squad: Chimera

Primary Specialty: Tactical Strategist
Secondary Specialty: Ordnance Expertise

Supplemental Notes: In my twenty years as a private military contractor, I have yet to encounter anyone quite like Commanding Officer Riven. If ever an individual exemplified the ideal of a “perfect soldier” it would be her. Proficient with numerous firearms/advanced demolition, an expert in close-quarters combat, and a tactical genius, there’s little wonder as to why—under her command—Chimera Squad ranks as one of Death Widow’s most reliable sections.

Riven holds a 98% success rate on missions and her ability to assess volatile situations in a combat zone is second to none. She has never failed to carry out an order and possesses the refined discipline and conditioned talent you’d only find in a combat android. She’s nearly as emotionless as one too…

–Janik Nikels, Operations Supervisor

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Salaiix.