[Encrypted NetMail – Dated 3 Years Ago]
To: Barman243@ShadowNet.xop
From: GutterGear@ShadowNet.xop
Subject: Re: Device?


I’ve got just what you wanted for The Hole. Ever heard of a Darkshade? It’s one hell of a jammer, top of the line all the way. Nice and small too, about the size of a tissue box. Toss it in back, plug it in, and that’s all she wrote. Instant netphone dead zone throughout your place. No ring, no ping. Your lovely patrons can’t make outgoing calls, net connectivity’s disabled, and the phone’s data goes dark, meaning there’s no way to track its location once they enter the bar. Even the phone’s camera stops functioning. Can flip this baby on/off whenever you like or just let it run all the time. And there’s a custom app for your phone so it’s not affected.

Darkshades are rare and pricey, but this mf’s worth every damn penny. I got two on hand, the base model, and the el grande fuck up everyone’s shit version. If you splurge for the upgrade, it has a wider reach. Go with this and as soon as anyone gets within a forty yard radius of The Hole, they get complete netphone signal blackout. Good fucking way to shut out half a city block, right? Just not a smart idea to use these in a populated area. The locals will report sig interference to their providers, calls will be made, cops’ll know something’s up, and assholes will start fishing around. But a place like Ardus? You’re golden.

Worth the investment, my man. Just say the word and I’ll have my guy drop by tomorrow and set you up. He can get it done in under an hour and be out of your hair.


Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Salaiix.