Dr. Kalei,

Thank you for choosing DuraProof Industries for all your security needs. In a highly competitive industry, we strive to provide not only the best service, but the best products that will meet our customers’ needs.

We have received your inquiry about the reinforced blast doors we installed in your facility. DuraProof Industries would like to stress that those partition doors were the finest in our catalog. They are made of Velumian-coated MetraSteel, which is exclusive to our company. MetraSteel is more resilient than any military-grade armor currently on the market and many of our corporate clients have commissioned fortified safe rooms and industrial bomb shelters out of the material. You have the DuraProof guarantee, nothing can penetrate MetraSteel—we’ll double your refund if you find something that could!

Reon Shiin
DuraProof Industries, Customer Support

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Salaiix.

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