Nessa Loeb /// Private Notes
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I’m logging this into my private notes…for better or worse. I feel the others should know, but it’s uncertain how my views on this matter will be received. After all, I’m just a lowly lab assistant with Level 3 clearance—the only people with lower status on this island are the maintenance workers.

Regardless, I don’t know how much longer I can remain silent. I truthfully believe that Dr. Hastings may be unstable. I’ve been keeping an eye on her and the woman seems obsessed with Subject 37. I understand that, of all the projects we’re working on here, this particular project is her brainchild, but her passion borders on the fanatical. And, yes, I recognize that some scientists are extremely passionate about their work—the best ones are—but this is somehow different. Our work on Volkan Island can not be understated, our efforts may very well save marine life from the threat of global pollution, and I don’t wish to undermine the value, or significance, of the task at hand. Yet, Dr. Hastings exhibits a fanaticism that is in no way healthy. To be frank, the method in which she interacts with Subject 37 is…unnatural. I know that seems strange to write, and I can barely explain it in better terms…

But this is not my only concern. I have reason to believe that Dr. Hastings procured the initial marine test subjects from an unverified source. Those original test subjects served as the raw biological material that our specimens were genetically modified from, including Subject 37. Hastings has higher clearance than me, so I have no way of finding out from where, or from whom, these were acquired. My suspicion is that she gathered these test subjects illegally from an outside party, one not associated with Nex Coast—and one that has no scruples about bypassing any laws or regulations.

It’s a small island. There are less than thirty of us here. Rumors circulate—but some have a truer ring than others. Most of these rumors concern Hastings. And let’s not forget the strange files I’ve seen, ones signed off by a name I don’t recognize (certainly not belonging to anyone I know at Nex Coast). Each time I went to create backups of these files they would go become corrupted and self-delete. I know Dr. Hastings is up to something. But, as it stands now, I don’t dare make such accusations openly without sufficient proof. For what it’s worth, I highly doubt Dr. Kalei is in collusion with Hastings. If anything, he’s ignorant to whatever she’s really doing on this island, just like the rest of us are. Even so, he has given Hastings free reign, going so far as to redirect most of our resources exclusively to her experiments. I hope that Kalei’s folly doesn’t have repercussions which will impact all of us on this island. Dr. Hastings can not be trusted, that much is certain.

–Nessa Loeb

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Salaiix.