Communication Log
Date: 11/2
[Recorded Three Hours Ago]

TARA: Final preparations are set, Kijo. Sounds like this contract fits our usual guidelines but, I’ll be honest, some of it’s a little strange.

KIJO: Not the first time a client had us clean up something unusual.

TARA: True. Fortunately, we’re getting a huge payout with this one. Can really use it too, after that fiasco last month in Nu Metropol. Those prosthetic repairs of yours aren’t cheap, y’know!

KIJO: You do realize, Tara, we can always dip into Kagetsu Corp funds.

TARA: Too risky. Using money from our contracts is much safer than reallocating Kagetsu Corp resources. No danger of pesky board inquiries, auditors, analysts, or anyone with too much free time digging deeper into our affairs. We wouldn’t want it to go public that the heir to Kagetsu Corp is engaging in some, how shall we say, extracurricular activities…

KIJO: Can’t argue with that. Have the Tengu II fueled and ready to take off in an hour. This Volkan contract shouldn’t take long.

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Salaiix.