Audio Datalog //
Death Widow Command Center 37-B8

OPERATOR 01: All targets destroyed. Area bombardment was successful. Redirect UAV bombers to Iku-Turso supercarrier for refueling.

OPERATOR 02: Roger. SkyWolf drones are en route to new coordinates. [Pause] SkyWolf Three’s dropping in altitude. Diagnostic shows a possible airflow malfunction. Compressor stall could be imminent.

OPERATOR 01: Can auto-repair modules be initiated?

OPERATOR 02: Negative. No response.

OPERATOR 01: Activate self-destruct sequence on the drone.

OPERATOR 02: Can you repeat that?

OPERATOR 01: Activate self-destruct on SkyWolf Three drone. Orders are to prevent all unmanned armament from falling into enemy hands.

OPERATOR 02: Roger. Sequence initiated. [Pause] UAV destruct sequence successful. SkyWolf Three is offline.

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Salaiix.